From limewash to masonry and mineral paint, we can recommend the most suitable coating for your exterior. Limewash, made from slacked lime is a traditional building coating and is often seen on traditional or historical properties. Masonry paint, such as Dulux Weathershield, ensures that surfaces are dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof, meaning that the exterior of your building has a flawless coverage and is protected for longer. Mineral based silicate paint such as those made by Keim Mineral Paints, forms a physical bond with the masonry substrate and is suitable for harsh environmental conditions and helps to reduce airborne pollutants.

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Designed to help bring a splash of colour and style and refresh any indoor environment. Preparation and priming is key to a great finish and this process can be applied to walls, ceilings & woodwork.

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We specialise in sash and casement window refurbishments using the Repair Care International system for which our operatives are trained. We also supply & install new sash & casement windows and undertake modifications to double glazing where specified.

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Wallpaper has established itself as one of the most popular decorative household items, enhancing the mood and ambience in the space it is installed. Modern wallcoverings are diverse and our operatives have the expertise in installing traditional wallpaper, frequently used in residential installations, to wider width vinyl wallpaper generally used in a commercial installation.

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We restore, reinstate and reproduce existing signage and numbers and create new signage to specification using any font. Our signwriting is hand painted or gilded using traditional methods.



Gilding is a highly regarded art form and has remained virtually unchanged for hundreds of years and is still done by hand. Gold leaf, gold that has been hammered into thin sheets and often used for gilding, has long been an integral component of architecture to designate important structures, both for aesthetics and, due to gold's non-reactive nature, it provides a protective finish.

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